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online cricket betting in india|cricket betting

online cricket betting in india|cricket betting

Sync and sensibility: if the Beeb bores you and Nasser's niggling, you can listen to our live commentary and match it with your TV stream. Download the hotmic app using the invite code GCRADIO and you're ready for the perfect union of sound, pictures and Guerilla gregariousness.

Guerilla speaks to Deep Dasgupta

online cricket betting in india|cricket bettingGuerilla Cricket's Nigel Henderson talks to Indian former Test cricketer, coach and commentator Deep Dasgupta about whether and where the IPL can go ahead, scoring a century against England and how his best shot in international cricket came as he tried to protect his crown jewels.

Guerilla Cricket lockdown special: presenting the inaugural Dickwella-Broad Owzat Trophy!

Stuck indoors in lockdown, burnt your Amazon Prime Firestick to a frazzle and wondering if you can make the final chocolate hobnob last until your next online delivery? Then why not roll back the years and fill a couple of those countless hours in the day in the company of Guerilla Cricket as we launch the Dickwella-Broad Owzat Trophy? Based on the classic dice game of the 1970s, and named in honour of two of cricket's finest celebrappealers, the tournament sees eight Guerillas each taking the reins of a team as they seek to battle through a group stage, semis and an all-singing and dancing finale – a plethora of new jingles have been prepared by our award-winning composers for your listening delectation – and, like "proper" Guerilla cricket, you can take part in real time via Twitter and the YouTube chat function. It'll be quick, crazy and almost certainly more fun than the Hundred (God rest its soul), and a helluva lot cheaper.

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The Two Hundred: a Guerilla experience

Eat, drink, make commentary. If you love food, alcohol and cricket then very little can beat the experience of spending a day behind the scenes – and in front of the microphone – at Guerilla Cricket. Now, for a small outlay, you can do just this. If it's not on your bucket list, it soon will be. See the full list of delights and prices.

Sam Northeast talks to us at Guerilla Cricket

At the innings break of India v South Africa, Hendo and Tony chat with Hampshire's Sam Northeast about his pre-game routines; his international ambitions; and batting with Ajinkya Rahane. They also get his take on the 2019 World Cup.

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